Mobile Meals

Mobile Meals
  • Mobile Meals are available to the elderly or disabled in the Rushville city limits, or individuals who are recovering from major surgery.
  • Mobile Meals are delivered by a group of dedicated volunteers.
  • Mobile Meals are delivered during the lunch hour and are available Monday through Friday, including holidays.
  • Mobile Meals are also available during the weekends if someone is available to pick up the meal from Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
  • Mobile Meal menus are delivered on a weekly basis so the client is able to choose their menu items.
  • Mobile Meals are offered as regular, diabetic, sodium restricted meals or any other special diet as requested by the clients physician.
  • Mobile Meals are currently $5.00 per meal and are billed on a monthly basis.
  • Mobile Meals are available for pickup by family members or friends if the individual needing the service lives outside the city limits.

For More Information on the Mobile Meals Service from Culbertson Memorial Hospital, please call 217/322-4321, ext. 5273 and ask for Melody or Kristy.