Medical/Surgical Department

Medical/Surgical Department
two female nurses standing at a nurses station inputting information and smiling

The Medical/Surgical Department at Culbertson Memorial Hospital provides an excellent level of care to our patients and their families, as demonstrated by our hospital's values. The staff of the Medical/Surgical Department provides care to a diversity of clients including acute, skilled (swing-bed), observation and outpatient services. Staffing patterns are reviewed daily to ensure appropriate levels of nursing care.


The Medical/Surgical Department is composed of highly professional, dedicated, skilled and compassionate individuals who consist of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and certified nurse aids (CNA). 

Continuity of Care

A multi-disciplinary team approach is used to develop a Comprehensive Discharge Plan for each patient. Patients and family are welcome to attend. A follow-up phone call after discharge is made to evaluate the transition to home.

Complimentary Services

  • Room Service - Patients can select their personal food preference from a menu. The meal is prepared and delivered directly to the patient.
  • Communication - Communication boards are located in each patient's room. The board shows the patient who their personal care providers will be and other important information.
  • Waiting areas - While families wait beverages are provided free of charge to the family.
  • We care - After discharge, a follow-up phone call is made by the nursing staff to each patient.
  • Chaplain Program - This service is provided by a group of local ministers. They provide emergency on-call support to patients and families and visit patients who would like to be seen daily.

Outpatient Nursing Services

The nursing staff at Culbertson Memorial Hospital provide outpatient nursing services to patients in the area of Wound Care, IV Therapy, Enemas, IV's, Chemotherapy, Injections, and many other areas.