Sleep Lab

Sleep Lab

Culbertson Memorial Hospital offers area patients the latest in sleep disorder technology. Sleep studies allow doctors to measure how much and how well you sleep and whether you have sleep problems and how severe they are.

How can a sleep study be important for improving my health? 

Sleep studies are important because untreated sleep disorders can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and other medical conditions. Sleep disorders also have been linked to an increased risk of injury due to falls and car accidents. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research found that 40 million Americans are chronically ill with various sleep disorders.

Most sleep disorders are easily treated and can greatly improve your quality of life. Sleep studies are usually covered by insurance as an outpatient procedure and is completed with a short stay in the sleep lab.

Sleep studies can help doctors diagnose:

  • Sleep-related breathing disorders (such as sleep apnea)
  • Sleep-related seizure disorders
  • Narcolepsy

What can I expect while participating in a sleep study?

There is nothing to fear while taking part in a sleep study. Sleep studies at Culbertson Memorial Hospital are performed on Monday and Tuesday nights and since that is when most people sleep the best. If you work a night shift and usually sleep during daytime hours, special arrangements can be made to perform your sleep study during the day.

On the day of your sleep study, you should avoid caffeine after 5:00 P.M. Do not take a nap or sleep later than usual in the morning. Try to follow your normal routine. You may take a shower before coming to the sleep lab for your test, but do not apply any body lotion. Take any regular medications as directed by your physician.

You should bring some comfortable sleep wear. You may bring your own pillow, reading material, or anything else that will make you feel more at home.

When you arrive at Culbertson Memorial Hospital, check in at the registration desk near the main entrance. Our sleep lab is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care and a trained sleep technician will escort you to your own private, home-like room, where you should have no trouble feeling comfortable and at home.


Once you are settled in and ready to begin the study, the sleep technician will attach sensors to various areas of your skin with a special paste and tape application. You are free to watch television, read, or just relax prior to falling asleep.