Stroke Support Group

Stroke Support Group

Our stroke support group is a community organization for stroke survivors and their family members, friends or others. It helps people learn more about strokes, share their experiences about strokes, and become inspired to move forward after their stroke.

What are the benefits of attending a Stroke Support Group?

A stroke can be very isolating. By meeting regularly, members help one another face and overcome common challenges by sharing experiences and encouraging one another. Sharing similar problems helps survivors learn to live with the changes. Our stroke support group offer survivors, their caregivers, and other family members chances to share concerns and support each other. They unite around their common experiences and find a positive solution.

How can Culbertson's Stroke Support Group help me?

  • Culbertson's Stroke support group allow stroke survivors to help themselves and other survivors create meaningful lives after a stroke.
  • New goals and friendships are started, renewing hope and encouraging independence.
  • It can motivate passive “patients” to become thriving survivors and create active new roles for themselves.
  • Provide a better understanding of your recovery, rehabilitation, and prevention of any recurrent strokes.

We Are Here To:

  • SUPPORT: Life after stroke is full of challenges. Culbertson's stroke support group can encourage and strengthen stroke survivors morale through celebrating individual accomplishments with each other.
  • EDUCATE: Increase awareness for stroke survivors and their families on topics related to living life after stroke, providing community resources, etc.
  • SOCIALIZE: We like to eat great food and have lots of fun. This provides an outlet to meet others who have been where you are and make new friends. 

What can I expect while attending Culbertson's Stroke Support Group?

The meeting starts with a delicious snack from the staff at Culbertson Gardens. Then the guest speaker of the evening is introduced and may range from doctors, therapists, stroke survivors or anyone else who can give insight into living life to the fullest after having a stroke. The meetings are held at Culbertson Gardens, on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, at 3 pm. For more information, or to get added to the monthly mailing, contact Therapy Services at 217-322-5286.